Friday, 9 May 2014

The Skate Park

WALT Recount an exciting event so that our reader knows what happened and how we felt.

Me and my friend were playing on our scooter, when my aunty asked “Maurice do you and your friend want to go to the park?”  When we arrived at the park I could taste the rain. Me and my friend   were dropping in on the ramps but there was one ramp that was on my mind. My friend told me not to but I couldn't get over it so I went up the ramp. I was about to drop in when my aunty shouted “don’t do it Maurice!”  I should've listen to her but I dropped in anyway. I was so busy dropping in on the ramp that I didn’t see the water. The water made my wheel slip and I slipped off my scooter and I hit my eye so my aunty and my friend ran with panic and she helped me up so next time maybe I’ll listen to my aunty and my friend.   


  1. Maurice, what an awesome recount! I love the personal voice you have included when you say "I should've listened to her, but I dropped in anyway!" That paints such a cool picture in my head. I bet it hurt when you landed on your eye! Great effort Maurice

  2. Hello maurice my name is kommrad. I go to Tautoro School. I thought your skatepark story was great because described the rain.

  3. nice storry bro keep the hard work up